Benefits of beautiful lush green lawns around your home and work

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Beautiful lush green lawns:

Lawns and turf grasses are one of the most resilient and useful features of the landscape. Lawns create a great play space. Lawns are great for kicking a ball, walking barefoot, and they create a relaxing environment of natural beauty.

Lawns have a cooling effect and prevent runoff and erosion of topsoil. Turf can function as a fire retardant around buildings and can increase filtration of water and clean the water as it passes through. Turf absorbs noise and reduces excessive sound, and turf can reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Turf thatch acts as a barrier deterring chemicals from entering the soil profile.

Well maintained home lawns can help reduce annoying insect pests while providing a place for family fun and entertainment and can add 15% to the selling price of a home. Some turf grasses also have the ability to go "dormant" during droughts and then recover.

While other plants and landscape options can serve the same function as grass, few offer the same recreational opportunities or have the same universal acceptance.