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The Lawn Expert is here to provide you with a low-to-almost-no risk way of getting into and succeeding in the Lawn Mowing, Gardening and Landscaping industry at a fraction of the cost of buying a traditional Lawn Mowing franchise.

If you are interested in running a successful business with minimal start up fees, then read on!

For a fraction, or maybe even less than 10%, of the up front fees and other monthly charges you could pay for a traditional Lawn Mowing franchise, we can help you establish and run your own successful Lawn Mowing and Gardening business in a short space of time. Just ask yourself "why risk your money for something like a franchise?"...especially as it may not be your "cup of tea".

So, if you are a university student, ex-bank manager, semi-retired person, policeman, fire fighter or just someone who is looking for a sea change, then we can help you.

What benefits do contractors enjoy with

For a low-to-almost-no risk investment, you can build a nice lawn mowing round or lawn mowing run and generate a healthy income!

So, for a fraction of the cost of buying a Lawn Mowing franchise or a Lawn Mowing run, you can be on your way to building a successful contracting business


With The Lawn Expert you get it right…the first time!

If you are a Lawn Mowing Contractor, a Gardening Contractor, Horticultural Contractor or Landscaper, we can help you grow and fast track your business in the most cost effective way possible. Our Lawnmowing Contractor's Business Success ManualTM and membership pack (consisting of your Business Success training manual, your own web page located at, and more) will help increase your sales and build your business fast!

Who helped start
is owned by Gerry Faehrmann, the managing director of a specialised Australian Lawn Care company called Lawn Green, and TheLawnExpert is managed by Gerry's wife, Joanne Faehrmann.

Further to the above, contractors will enjoy the following additional benefits:

So for a low-to-almost-no risk investment, you can be on your way to business success in the Lawn Mowing industry. Remember, with The Lawn Expert you get it right…the first time!

Testimonials, and nice things people say about our service and products:

"I built up my lawnmowing run of 17 lawns/customers in 9 weeks, Thanks to The Lawn Expert!" JW Castle Hill, NSW, Australia. This works out to 17 lawn customers times an average of $50 (including GST) per lawn times an average of 26 cuts/services per year, which is a grand total of $22,100 per annum. Not bad for a second income!